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Our members are family offices, angel investors, and corporate executives who collaborate on VC.

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We're a community of family offices, angel investors, and corporate executives who are collaborative, kind, and inclusive in exchanging deals and investment strategies.


Members receive a monthly newsletter featuring articles and commentary on venture capital, asset allocation, economic climate, and more.


We host monthly events featuring experienced investors who share their best practices and strategies for venture investing.


We share investable, venture deals with our members on a monthly basis. These deals range from pre-seed to growth stage; we also share venture fund and secondary opportunities.

Diligence Support

We strive to mitigate group think and adverse selection by connecting members to our large network of industry experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Family VC?

Family VC strives to curate and grow a community of investors who are curious, inclusive, and collaborative while pursuing their investment goals.

Are there fees to join this group?

No, there are no membership fees. We do have an application process, and all members must abide by our community guidelines or risk permanent removal from the group.

Are there any fees associated with the deals you share?

No! When sharing a startup or venture fund deal, we prefer to connect interested members directly with the founder. We do not take carried interest or other fees on deals we share (unless we specifically note otherwise). 

Does this group have a regional focus?

Family VC was started in 2019 with a group of members primarily based in the Midwest. Since then, we’ve grown substantially, and we now have members all over the U.S. We are geographically agnostic, and we welcome prospective members from anywhere in the world to join us. 

Who is running Family VC?

Family VC is organized by Sachse Family Fund, a venture fund that’s part of a single family office. Click here to learn more about SFF.

Is there ongoing communication?

Yes. We share venture deals with our members on a monthly basis. We also send monthly educational newsletters and host events with guest speakers. 

What types of investors are in your group? 

Our group consists of family offices, angel investors, high-net-worth individuals, and corporate executives who are seeking to actively learn more about venture capital and invest in venture deals. We currently have over 50 people in our group who represent more than 25 different entities. We are selective regarding who we allow to join our group. We always seek to ensure that a prospective member will be a fit with our culture.

Do members of the group collaborate with one another?

Yes. Networking is an important member value that we’re happy to facilitate, especially in the era of COVID-19. Our members have busy schedules, so we always do double-opt-in introductions. We encourage our members to keep us in the loop about deals they’re reviewing so we can share with other members where applicable. 

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Community Guidelines

We do not give investment advice

  • Any deals or financial materials shared by the Family VC team should not be considered investment advice.

We expect all members to align with our core values

  • Operating with total integrity is our top priority. We hold ourselves and those we work with to the highest ethical and legal standards.
  • We are a community that is anchored in inclusivity and collaboration. Please be kind and transparent in all communications with other members or founders.
  • We are committed to investing in underrepresented founders and female founders, two groups that continue to be underserved by the venture capital industry.

Members’ time and privacy must be respected

  • Time is money, and we do not want any member to waste another member’s time, or feel that their own time is being wasted.
  • All member-to-member connection requests, outside of designated community communication platforms, will require double-opt-in.
  • Members seeking to share a deal with other members must first have the deal initially reviewed by the Family VC team.


  • We take confidentiality very seriously, and it should be the default mindset when interacting with people and materials related to Family VC.
  • To reiterate, all materials and deals shared with members must be kept confidential and cannot be shared outside of a member’s internal team. The exception is when permission is requested and granted by the Family VC team.

No solicitation

  • Our group is not a good fit for individuals or teams seeking to solicit investors, sell their services, or pitch irrelevant investment opportunities.

Note: Violation of these community guidelines may result in immediate removal from the group

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